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Forget Lightning and USB-C, Apple is preparing a new proprietary cable

According to Bloomberg, Apple’s mixed reality headset, scheduled to be announced on June 5, will ship with a new circular magnetic connector. To work, it must be connected to a small iPhone-sized battery.

In September, Apple is expected to introduce USB-C into its iPhones for the first time in its history. The European Union, in the fight against electronic waste, has forced the California giant to gradually adopt USB-C throughout 2023. Keyboards, mice, AirPods … very quickly, all Apple products should be able to recharge with the same port that they are equipped with Already Macs and iPads.

According to BloombergEven if Apple’s future mixed reality headset should have a USB-C port, it is not this connector that the brand has chosen to power its future product. Apple Reality should introduce a new private port, which is likely to get people talking about its announcement.

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With the USB-C + MagSafe combo, Apple is respecting the law

Is Apple entitled to launch a new proprietary port, as the authorities try to push USB-C? Legally, yes.

European regulations prohibit the use of a proprietary cable only if it is the only means of recharging the product. Since the Apple Reality Headset should also have a USB-C port, Apple must be falling through the cracks.

This product should come with a new magnetic cable, which should be promoted as the best way to power it (like the latest MacBooks, which come with a MagSafe cable but are compatible with USB-C charging). On e-waste, the European Union may regret not being more assertive.

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MagSafe port for the MacBook Air M2 // Source: Louise Audry for Numerama
On the latest MacBooks, there is a magnetized MagSafe port and multiple USB-C ports. // Source: Louise Audry for Numerama

Why introduce a new charging port? Bloomberg provided several pieces of evidence:

  • To work, the Apple Headset must be connected to an external battery the size of an iPhone, to be left in a pocket.
  • This external battery will connect to the helmet via a port that takes the form of a small magnetic circular port.
  • To prevent the cable from being torn, the magnet will be rotated clockwise. It will probably be integrated into the frame of the helmet so it doesn’t stand out.

Apple’s main motivation is undoubtedly aesthetic. With USB-C, a tip parallel to the helmet sticks out. With this magnetic port, it should feel like the cable comes out naturally from the product. Nothing technically prevents anyone from connecting headphones to their Mac via USB-C to power it without an external battery, but perhaps Apple thought it best to opt for a more discreet design.

The Meta Quest Pro doesn't crush hair, but it's heavy on the back of the head.  // Source: Numerama / Ta
The Meta Quest Pro recharges using a magnetic dock or USB-C port on the side. // Source: Numerama / Ta

Apple is expected to announce its mixed reality headset on June 5, during the introductory opening speech for the WWDC developer event. According to Mark Gurman, the headset, which can be controlled by looking and pressing your fingers, can run all iPad apps natively. What really makes it a richer ecosystem than all competitors at launch.

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