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Forget his wife during a pee break!

Forget his wife during a pee break!

A motorist inadvertently left his wife on the side of the road and drove for 160 kilometers before realizing she wasn’t in the car.

A Thai couple left on Christmas Day for an overnight drive to their home province of Maha Sarakham, according to The Guardian. daily Mail.

Bontem Shimon, 55, stopped his car on the side of the road to urinate. His wife, Amni Shimon, 49, reportedly ventured further into the woods to relieve her bladder. But when she returned to the side of the road, her husband’s car had disappeared and she was alone in the dark.

Amnuay Chaimoon had no money or a phone, so she decided to take a walk in hopes of finding help.

She had to travel approximately 21 kilometers before she found a police station, again according to daily Mail.

She begged the police to help her find her husband, but she did not know his number by heart and they could not locate him.

As the police were trying to reach him, the husband realized his wife was not in his car. He was 100 miles from where he last saw her and turned around to find her.

Bontem Shimon thought his wife was sleeping in the back seat. The couple has been married for 27 years and have a son, who is 26 years old.

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