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Foreign Workers: Transit to the United States via Quebec

Foreign Workers: Transit to the United States via Quebec

Since the beginning of this year, a dozen workers have left Bas-Saint-Laurent overnight, possibly for the United States. A difficult situation to understand and explain.

“Perhaps for reasons of working conditions, perhaps because work has been suspended in the United States, perhaps for these reasons. Currently, it is difficult to say what the reasons are for workers to flee to the United States,” said Frank Saint-Laurent, director of the agricultural employment center of the UPA du Bas-Saint-Laurent. Rock explains.

A real surprise

No warning signs were detected in these heel-picking workers.

“These workers, when they are selected, when they are selected, they are always interested and willing, they are very useful, they have to come and lend a hand to our agricultural producers. ยป

For a better coordinate system

According to the MP, it is important to ensure an integration system for these workers to keep them on Quebec soil. This is easy to do as the only immigration office in Quebec is in Montreal.

“The territory also has to have resources to welcome these people. Outside of work, they have a social life, they have a life in the community, but learning to live in a new place takes time, it requires adaptation, and you need to welcome people and make sure you have enough integration. Rimoski – Constituency Quebecois MP for Neiguet-Demiscovata-Les Pasques, Maxime Blanchet-Joncas.

Thousands of dollars

An unfortunate situation for everyone who invested time and money. “These are situations that we can’t predict, it’s difficult. If we had a crystal ball and could predict it, we would prepare accordingly. Unfortunately, there is no indication,” Frank Saint-Pierre says.

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The UPA Federation Agricultural Employment Center cannot explain this trend. All you have to do is release them.