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For the first time, Anne Elizabeth Boss addresses her painful breakup

This was during the broadcast of the first episode of season five true nature Actress Anne-Elizabeth Boss has, for the first time, addressed her breakup with her ex-lover, comedian Guillaume Pinault.

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Remember that last September, via social media, the former couple formedAnne Elizabeth Boss Based on Pinault clouds He announced his separation in a touching post.

However, the actress is Very busy with photographyIt is indefensibleDaily news from Value added tax, kept silent about this sudden breakup. until he moved to true natureaired Sunday night, in which she confided in a sweet rant about the gist of what “hurts” her in the circumstances.

Screenshot via True Nature.

Surrounded by the Mayor of Montreal, Valerie BluntAnd comedian Michael CourtemancheThe actress has admitted to several “traumas” that she would like to resolve, including a fear of what other people think.

Screenshot via True Nature.

“I told myself I wasn’t going to talk about it. I mentioned at the beginning, ‘Me, I just broke up. There, I’ve been with someone for six years. Everyone thought we were going to end our lives together, we had a golden…’,” she says before adding on to the idea. Preconceived notions she had about the “ideal life” image.

“This, in my separation, I found it difficult. I thought it was perfect. I liked the picture. I loved this man,” she says, speaking of her ex-husband, Guillaume Pinault.

And it keeps coming back to her fear of what other people will think, a pain associated with her childhood that she has been trying to cure for a long time.

“But I really liked the picture we were projecting. I thought I had successfully resolved my traumas with my life. […] This is what hurts me about my separation. Oh, but lovely, single at 38. OK […] It’s not perfect.”

Screenshot via True Nature.

It’s still very rare to hear Anne Elizabeth Boss talk about her private life, and to understand that she’s trying to overcome her past is very inspiring.

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