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Flying Whales cabins will be manufactured in Shawinigan

Flying Whales cabins will be manufactured in Shawinigan

Shawinigan will play an important role in the design and manufacture of the impressive air cargo balloon, Flying Whales.

Aviation subcontractor Delastek in the Grand-Mère sector has been commissioned to produce the cockpit for the aircraft of the future.

The airship will be a giant 200 meters long and a carrying capacity of 60 tons. It will be useful in isolated areas for transporting oversized parts, particularly for the mining, forestry and power sectors.

Delastek will be responsible for the development and integration of all so-called gondola systems. This is the cockpit of the airship. This is all part of the pilots. There is also a rest area for the crew and also part of the crane operator, Claude Lessard, Delastek’s president, explained.

The company will act not only as a supplier, but also as a financial partner in the French-Canadian project.

Quebec is also a financial backer, as earlier this week Flying Whales announced that the design and manufacture of the airship’s electric propulsion system had been entrusted to Pratt and Whitney of Longueuil.

It will take about 5 years to develop the device, and Flying Whales will have an assembly plant in France and another in Quebec. Several cities, including Trois-Rivieres, raised their hands in an attempt to lure him into their lands.

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