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Florida: Towards an Extension of a Controversial Law Banning Teaching of LGBT+ Issues

Ron DeSantis, head of the public sector in Floride, wants to interdire l’enseignement de sujets en lien avec l’orientation sexuelle ou l’identité de genre for all of the children, who endrait a loi tres controversée s’appliquant for heure’s uniqueness in elementary school.

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His administration’s proposal, which does not need approval from the Florida legislature, will be voted on by the state board of education on April 19, and has already been approved by local officials responsible for education.

If successful, the “deliberate” teaching of these subjects from kindergarten through high school will be banned.

It would expand the scope of the law enacted in 2022, which critics dubbed “Don’t Say Like Me”. Criticized by Democrats and activists for LGBT rights, the text caused a national controversy.

Gov. Ron DeSantis, a new hard-right strongman, is seen as a potential contender for the GOP nomination for the 2024 presidential election, even if he hasn’t formalized his candidacy yet.

The Republican leads a very conservative policy, especially in moral matters. He pays particular attention to the subjects and books taught in schools, which he accuses of indoctrinating students.

His new administration’s proposal was immediately decried by the White House and LGBT rights groups.

“Il ne faut pas s’y tromper: cela s’incrit dans une tendance inquiétante et dangereuse que nous observons dans tout le pays avec des legislations anti-LGBTQI+ et anti-trans”, a réagi la porte-parole de la presidence Américaine Karine Jean Pierre.

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“This has been the goal from the beginning: widespread censorship and book bans, targeting LGBTQ people to serve his presidential ambitions,” Florida Equality said on Twitter.

Schools, the mirror of a deeply divided America, are the scene of highly political confrontations over the teaching of racism or issues of gender or sexuality.

This suggestion is also part of a conservative nationalist attack on LGBTQ issues.

At the beginning of March, Tennessee became the first US state to legislate against Drag Queen performances in public, citing protections for children from representations deemed too sexual.