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Florida Democratic Breakthrough |  Richard Hito’s blog

Florida Democratic Breakthrough | Richard Hito’s blog

For the first time in its history, Florida’s most populous city, Jacksonville, has elected a woman mayor. Donna Deegan, a former TV journalist, is also the second person to win such an election under the Democratic banner in this Northeast Florida municipality in 30 years. We have written a page of history, friends. announce Degan addresses his supporters. “It’s a new day for Jacksonville, Florida. And you know what’s best? Love won today.”

Deegan made sure not to air negative ads on television during his campaign, unlike his Republican rival, Daniel Davis, a former state representative. this is the last Especially given the green light to an ad criticizing her rival’s participation in the Black Lives Matter protest following the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota. He also accused her of wanting to empty the police force, which she denied.

Davis enjoyed the support of Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, who called him “the proven conservative when it comes to law and order.”

Deegan will succeed Republican Lenny Curry, who was unable to run for a third term.

Important elections were also held in Kentucky and Pennsylvania on Tuesday. We’ll get back to it on Wednesday.

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