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Five tips to improve your Gmail email

More than 5.34 billion people on Earth use the Gmail email service, but few users know how to improve it to make it more useful.

Abi Bouhamida, a “geek” and computer geek with over half a million followers on Instagram, gives you some tips for making better use of your Gmail.

1- Get rid of promotional emails that take up a lot of space.

— » To do this, enter your account from a computer.
—” In the Gmail search tool, type “unsubscribe” or “unsubscribe” and click enter.
— » You can then select all emails that contain the words ‘unsubscribe’ or ‘unsubscribe’.
— » All promotional messages will be deleted at once, saving a lot of space.

2- Cancel sending an email

— »You just sent your resignation letter, but you changed your mind?
— » It is possible to cancel the sending of the message under certain conditions.
— »Go to Settings (Settings) at the top right.
— »Click General
— » Cancel sending (you can choose between 5 to 30 seconds delay).
— » The next time you send an email, the Undo Send function will appear.

3- Send a confidential email

— »This function allows you to send an email that the person receiving it will not copy, print, forward or download.
— » To activate it, just press the padlock icon while sending the email.

4- Use the “Find Large Mail” application

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— »This site allows you to go through your mailbox and analyze everything that is there.
— » Emails that take up a lot of space and should be deleted are suggested to you.
— »The application makes it possible to do work that would take much longer in an automated way.

5- Use shortcuts!

— »They simply make it possible to work faster and more efficiently.
—” Here are a few. Gmail lets you see all of the shortcuts on its help pages.

It is possible to follow Abi Bouhamida on the Instagram account forgoodcode.