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Fitzgibbon is open for QST discounts on Quebec products

Fitzgibbon is open for QST discounts on Quebec products

The Quebec government could choose to cut or even withdraw the Quebec Sales Tax (QST) entirely as part of an offensive aimed at encouraging buying here.

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This is what Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon said – without committing to it – yesterday morning, on the sidelines of a press conference in the Anjou region of Montreal.

Struggling with high inflation and a growing risk of recession, many Quebecers may need state assistance, the Legault government estimates. So we’re thinking of ways in that direction, a reversal that the Revenue Secretary, Eric Gerrard, is involved in.

“We are sensitive to the fact that there are Quebecers who will find it difficult,” Minister Fitzgibbon said. Now how do we do it? By reducing sales tax? Or with other incentives? Minister thought out loud. “It’s possible. But there are others, too. We’re all looking at them now.”

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A few months before the election, such a measure would have the advantage of reconciling two goals of the CAQ government, namely to help Quebecers facing economic hardship, while encouraging them to buy products from Quebec manufacturers or retailers, who are treated equally.

The minister made it clear that one thing is certain, given the current situation, the government must step in. “Something has to be done, that’s for sure,” he said. We will consider all possibilities.”

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However, the minister said he was “very excited” to see that the soon-to-be-transactional blue basket would be able to encourage local businesses to become more digital.

“Maybe it is more that we will help – at the MEI level anyway -. But everything is on the table now. I think we will make the right decision in the end.”