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fisol. The music school reveals its jazz side at Espace Villon

On Wednesday 3 May, Place Villon was the scene of the sixth concert by the Vésulian School of Music and its teachers on jazz. For Isabel Norman, the show’s initiator, it was a return to her roots since she had worked there for so long, and even did a show there 11 years ago on the same theme.

time travel

Spectators have traveled this universe from its origins to the current dialects. This is how the chorus of À range de voix transports them into the world of Negro spirituals with “Hoe, Emma hoe” and “Go down Moses,” before moving on to its evolution from the classical era, and New Orleans styles. 1910-1930s, illustrated by “St. Louis Blues” and “Georgia on My Mind”, remarkably interpreted by Stephen Comor’s Jazz Workshop, Sidney Bechet’s eternal “Petit Fleur” on clarinet by M. Degret and “Check To Cheek” in vocal Incomparable from P. Capiomont. Then followed the Bebop era after 1945, which saw a return to basics symbolized by the M. s saxophones. Kumor, M. Ragonnet, J. Gardiennet, “TakeFive” and Cantaloupe Isaland from the workshop and closing the evening of “Smile” by Nat King Cole and “What a Wonderfil world” with a very beautiful “A range of voice” directing. Written by Isabelle Norman with some teachers.


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