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Station hydrogène : un premier corridor pour l'Australie

First walkway to Australia

The green hydrogen supply network worth A $ 600 million (39 393 million) will be built in Australia by H2FA (Hydrogen Fuels Australia) and CLARA Energy.

The two Australian partners will set up five hydrogen gas stations on the Hume Highway between Melbourne and Sydney, promoting the conversion of transport and logistics companies to hydrogen. Similar stations are planned in Sydney, Epping, Seymour, Victoria, the South Highlands and New South Wales.

According to H2FA and CLARA Energy, each diesel truck will replace its hydrogen-powered model with a 2.5 tonne CO2 emissions during the Melbourne-Sydney tour.

Related companies are currently in discussions with several operators of the diesel truck fleet to assist in implementing plans to switch to hydrogen-powered vehicles.

“We believe that green hydrogen will play a key role in decarbonizing heavy goods in AustraliaSaid Francesco Cervolo, general manager of H2FA.This should lead operators to abandon diesel altogether in the coming years …

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