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Finished third in the Garrigue space

Finished third in the Garrigue space

The co-working center in the Garrigue space has been completed for a few days, and the work has been received by the municipality undertaking the project. This 100-square-meter building, purchased from Crédit Agricole, has undergone several months of work to become the third center that will be accessible to all those who, for their professional needs, wish for a few hours, a few days or even a few weeks, to be You have an equipped and functional workplace.

Explains Christian Goeharmt, Infrastructure Assistant “That this space takes advantage of the Occitanie brand that qualifies this type of space that not only offers a single enclosed office, but also offers a glass meeting room and private corners where everyone can benefit from a full fiber-connected connection”.

Open space Other fixtures emphasize its living birth, be it light oak furniture, plants to be installed or the kitchen area that will accommodate what is necessary to make coffee or tea or to heat a dish.

Dozens of people can be accommodated at the same time on site.

The cost of the work was 83,369 euros, of which 16,673 euros was paid by the municipality. The European Leader Fund finances 50% of the project, the district finances 8,336 euros and Nîmes Métropole the same amount as the village.

Operating rules and terms of use are being developed. A presentation and information platform will be presented during the association’s forum in early September.

The space should therefore be opened to the public at the beginning of October at the latest. Finally, a parking plan is also being drawn up, with new parking spaces being created on adjacent streets.

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