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La York Minster cathédrale depuis le Lendal Bridge

Find out which are the most popular cities in UK

The city of York in northern England overthrew London and Edinburgh and was chosen as the most famous city in England by millions of Britons.

It is based on the responses of millions of people in the UK, according to a poll by Yukov Ratings that Britain’s most desired life in the third quarter of 2021 is York. YouGov describes its ranking as follows “The biggest and most daring attempt to measure what Britain thinks.” “

York, the charming city that preceded the capitals of the kingdom

The small city ranked first in the list of most popular cities, followed by Edinburgh and London in second and third place, respectively. York is home to many places such as the Jோர்rwick Viking Center, the Viking Museum and the York Minister Cathedral, which are popular with tourists.

73% of Britons rated it as the most popular city, while only 2% said they did not like it. YouGov ratings also gave it a 97% rating for its overall reputation.

Edinburgh, which came in second, was liked by 72% of Britons and hated by 5% of them, while London, in third place, was only liked by 66% of Britons and hated by 13%.

York is loved by (almost) everyone

Rankings, by and large, York is the most admired city by both men and women, members of Generation X and Baby Boomers. However, it was London that took first place in the hearts of the Millennials, pushing York to third place behind Edinburgh. The English capital, however, ranks third in the rankings of members of Generation X and fourth for baby boomers. So the capital seems to be the specialty of an active youth, while their adults prefer the tranquility of small beautiful cities like York.

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What about the rest of the rankings?

Worldwide, the cities of Cambridge and Oxford University, ranked fourth and fifth, respectively, are also very popular among the English. Thanks to their world-renowned universities, they are preferred by 62 and 66% UK.

With the exception of London which received 99%, the top 5 cities received 97% marks in terms of overall awareness. Other cities in the top 10 are the coastal cities of Brighton, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Exeter (Devon’s County Seat) and Manchester.