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Depuis l’apparition des passeports vaccinales, les alertes à la fraude ne cessent de se multiplier. PHOTO : BAZIZ CHIBANE / LA VOIX DU NORD

Find out everything in the video about healthy traffic control app

Where did this app come from and how does it work?

TousAntiCovid Verif It is a government app developed by IN Groupe. Anyone can download this app on IOS or Android. ” On
All tested in action, with friends but be careful, let’s not forget that its use is reserved for authorized persons.
Upon downloading the Application, the General Terms of Use specify that use of this Service by an unauthorized person may result in penalties. ”, defines Damien Bankal, cybersecurity specialist and founder of the site Ztaz.

Thus, the application allows the ability to erase files QR Code fast response code“(QR code in French) or 2D-DOC in paper form, PDF or in the classic app TousAntiCovid provided by customers upon arrival. The customer’s last name, first name, date of birth and validity of the health card will appear on the reader.

Is there a risk to our personal data?

according to Damien BankalThere is very little risk of data leakage. First, because of the lack of information and above all because ” The information embedded in the QR code is encrypted Note that this QR code It does not give details of the person’s whereabouts And it cannot access the GPS function of the smartphone.

Damien Bankal has been interested in cyber security for thirty years, specializing in convicting web hackers via his Zataz website.

For its part, the CNIL (French National Committee for Informatics and Freedoms) Protocol ValidationProvided that it is used temporarily. However, in its last opinion, the committee warned of other future devices to control the health card and who they are. It must be validated by the government before it can be used by the actors who must control the health clearance. »

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« CNIL and ANSSI (National Agency for Information Systems Security) have clearly considered the way this information is processed and stored. We are fortunate in France to have these guarantees “, Confirms Damien Bankal. So why all this mistrust? ” the
It is natural for information technology to intimidate people. To this we must add the use of cell phones, and the fact that a stranger such as a server can access some personal information – health remains private – so we understand that it can be frightening. “To those who consider this application as a means of mass surveillance, Damien Bankal refutes:” I think it’s not in the interest of the state, there are many other tools we can spy on, I’m thinking about taxes, social networking for example… »

Can the application be deceived with forged certificates?

« Today, anyone can generate a QR code. Only, the information contained in the QR code is on a government-run server. So we understand the interest of having an official tool to avoid this kind of manipulation. Since the emergence of vaccination passports alerts to Fraud continues to increase. The malicious people on the Internet, the founder of Zataz came across. ” Their job was to recover QR codes and thus the identities behind creating fake identity documents. It is impossible, then, for a simple restaurateur to check whether he is the right person. CNIL indicated that it is best to avoid being exposed son qr code On social networks, they are at risk of being misused for malicious purposes…

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What are the penalties for fraudsters?

The first article from Law of August 5, 2021 Determines penalties in the event of ” fraudulent use : You will have to pay a fourth degree fine: 135 euros for the first offense. It will be increased to 1,500 euros if you repeat it within 15 days. In the third violation found within 30 days, the scammers risk 6 months in prison and a fine of €3,750.

What if I allow someone else to use my health pass? The law is clear: the penalty is exactly the same for anyone who gives their QR code to someone else, whether for money or not. Please note that badly used passes will be blacklisted and become unusable.

Find all information regarding penalties incurred on the site