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Final humiliation for Ben Simmons in Australia after his ridiculous season!

Final humiliation for Ben Simmons in Australia after his ridiculous season!

Ben Simmons has become the laughingstock of the league this season, with offensive performances unbecoming of an NBA player. And, in succession, he has received a terrible disgrace in his own country. Dragged out by the national coach, he finally took a terrible breather for the World Cup.

Ben Simmons Will make history in the league, that’s for sure. A young talent, a unique leader capable of defending in all positions, he seems to have lost all of his basketball in the playoffs series… After his sixes against the Hawks in 2021, the ‘Australian lost his all. – confidence and has since been a shadow of the talent he once was.

While some thought a change of scenery would be good for him, his arrival in Brooklyn was marked above all by disastrous performances and a series of injuries, so his future is now in question. The good news for the Nets is that he finally seems to be motivated and according to the coach of the Australian selection, he will want to play the World Cup, to find the feelings in a familiar setting.

Ben Simmons chases, then dropped by the Australian selection!

I understand that Ben is in a state of mind that he wants to be healthy, fit and ready to play the World Cup with us. I think he’s been thinking that way for a long time. I think he understands what it means to wear this team’s shirt and that he is happy to represent his country. He will reunite with the people he grew up with.

Brian Goorjian’s words a few days ago were very clear: Ben Simmons will always have his place in the Australian selection and especially in the World Cup, for which he will prepare seriously. Worryingly, this optimistic announcement was followed by an incredible humiliation…he was not retained in the preparation team for the tournament.

Tipped to participate in the World Cup, as his own coach explained, Ben Simmons was not retained in the final preparation group… Barring a miracle and massive preferential treatment, the Nets captain will not be on the Asian adventure. A new terrible blow to him mentally.

Ben Simmons is very weak on a psychological level and this hard blow will do him a lot of harm.