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Filming for Jean-Marc Parent's new show has begun

Filming for Jean-Marc Parent’s new show has begun

On November 10, at 9 p.m., Jean-Marc Parent will return to television after 24 years of absence. These four performances are recorded, via a huge technical device, on the occasion of the comedy! festival.

Three hundred thousand watts of lights, 60,000 watts of sound that can generate 115 decibels, or Formula 1 sound, shook the Armory on Monday during a filming visit.

Jean-Marc Parent was visibly happy when the opening topic of this futuristic show got the media out of their heads.

Jean-Marc Barnett is recording four television programs in Quebec that will be broadcast on TVA.

Photography by QMI, Guy Martell

Jean-Marc Barnett is recording four television programs in Quebec that will be broadcast on TVA.

“It wasn’t powerful. When you listen to it out loud, it’s a twisted ride,” he said, specifying that maximum power would be deployed for a few minutes.

The narrator and humorist admits that this return to television, which will be on TVA, was not part of his plans. Satisfied with the internal performances, he admitted that it was difficult to convince him.

She demanded a series of conditions that were impossible to meet. I asked for a car too much and they said yes,” he said in an interview.

new possibilities

He wanted to work with the “gang” at that time JMP watch It has requirements regarding the number of lights and the power of the sound deployed.

“Technology that was there during my seasons JMP watch, was the best. Twenty-four years later, we’re somewhere else. It’s like a car with new possibilities. He said.

Jean-Marc Parent loves sound and everything technical. Theme JMP He is, at her request, very techno. This does not mean that the rock will be absent.

“I can’t do without the big, heavy rock,” he said, with fire in his eyes and a wide smile on his face.

Jean-Marc Barnett is clear. It’s not about coming back JMP watch. The Mercedes squad will not be brought back to life and it is not their plan to ask the public to do so flasher lights.

The five shows recorded in front of the audience, in an armory, with a floor and corridors that can accommodate the audience, will, after the editing process, become four one-hour programmes.

start imitation

The 59-year-old narrator and humorist takes to the stage every evening, without a script.

“I have a few words written on the floor and a sign in my head. I am allowed to go where I want,” he said.

Jean-Marc Barnett will tell new stories, some of which he was never able to complete, and explain how he built some of his works, such as those for the disabled and the boat.

Jean-François Blais, who produces the four programs based on the five shows, aims to recreate the kind of chaos found on Jean-Marc Parent’s on-air shows.

“We don’t want it to look like a TV spot. I’m working for the first time without a roadmap. We’re trying to follow this mess that’s in the live shows to get it on air. We’re inventing. We’re not in imitation,” he explained.

“I don’t have the impression after two evenings of recording a TV show at all. We love it,” the comedian said, explaining that if success continues, it could be the start of an annual tradition with the ComediHa! Festival.