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Filmed in hit rare hurricane films in New South Wales, Australia

Filmed in hit rare hurricane films in New South Wales, Australia

Friday, October 1, 2021 at 10:49 am – At least three people have been admitted to hospital, but no deaths have been reported.

A powerful hurricane last Thursday damaged homes, vehicles and trees.

According to the Australian media, the hurricane struck near Sydney in New South Wales 7 News, Would have actually demolished a house and damaged many. Hundreds of trees and vehicles suffered the same fate. Three people were injured, but no deaths have been reported so far.

Hurricane 1

The hurricane was the result of a series of violent thunderstorms that swept through the southeast of the country on Thursday. Destructive winds, heavy rain and hail – the largest of which is 2 cm in diameter – also hit the sector.

Australia is not really considered a hurricane prone area. But, says the country’s Meteorological Center Dozens are reported each year.

However, most are rarely found, the vastness of the land and the population scattered there – a situation similar to Canada.

Nevertheless, Canada is recognized as the second country to be hit by the second hurricane in the world, experiencing an average of 60 hurricanes per year.

Based on information from Weather Network

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