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"Field of Dreams": They came.. and they will return!

“Field of Dreams”: They came.. and they will return!

Major League Baseball had a huge hit at home Thursday night with a game in honor of the popular “Field of Dreams,” close to the filming location in Dyersville, Iowa.

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“If you build it, they’ll come,” heard the farmer Kevin Costner performs in the 1989 work.

A little more than three decades later, New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox players stepped onto the field, in a heavenly setting, a beautiful little stadium built for the occasion across cornfields. Commissioner Rob Manfred has already announced that the event will return next year.

“You see corn everywhere, obviously, but to find a big baseball field here, it’s very impressive,” Yankees loyalist Zach Britton said in an interview with MLB Network, before the game. I saw the movie when I was younger, but seeing it in person gives it another perspective. This event is exceptional and we are fortunate to be among the teams participating in it.”

First game in Iowa

In fact, many Yankees and White Sox players weren’t even born yet when the movie was released, also inspired by the short story “Shoeless Joe.” However, the cinematic gem, which pays tribute to family values, has crossed the ages.

“To get to a state where there’s no baseball, and to be among the first major baseball teams to play here, I think it’s very special,” Britton added, noting that no Major League Baseball club had played except in Iowa before that night. the big one.

Even before the premiere, Costner spoke to add charm to the event, making sure to the crowd of about 8,000 spectators that she really felt like she was in heaven. Since we are in North America, in the 21st century, and it should be noted that some spectators have paid thousands of dollars from dealers to attend the match.

By genre “popcorn”

Speaking of the match, which seemed to be secondary, the White Sox won 9-8 thanks to a lot of homeowners. At the end of the first round, Jose Abreu was already sending the ball into the corn core. The table is set for a special evening.

Eloy Jimenez, Seby Zavala, and Tim Anderson imitated Abreu next.

For their part, Bombardier, far from the Bronx, sent four bullets into the cornfield. Who other than Aaron Judge to lead the Yankees? The powerful hitter stretched his arms twice and produced five runs. He now has 25 long balls this season.

Brett Gardner and Giancarlo Stanton also had off-limits shows.

Liam Hendrix (7-2) was the winning bowler, while Britton (0-1) scored his first loss of the season.