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Fête de la Science: Discovering the Bird Life of French Guiana with Saint Laurent Town Hall

Fête de la Science: Discovering the Bird Life of French Guiana with Saint Laurent Town Hall

This is the 11th edition in Guyana of the Science Festival which started on November 10 and will run until November 27. Saint Laurent presents three meetings on November 12, 19 and 26. What to discover about the richness of the bird environment in Guyana through a conference, exhibition and competitions of nature drawings and bird songs.

This year’s Fête de la Science is dedicated to climate change and its challenges. As usual, various events are held everywhere under the supervision of the Canopée des Sciences. Appointment At the Science Village between November 10 and 26 To share knowledge, focus on Les Nouragues Nature Reserve with 3 photographic exhibitions, Clim’art with Muze Laru collective to produce a vivid mural, and with Zoukouyanayan for a poetic view of the scientific world.

The western capital has its own version this year. In Saint-Laurent in 2016, the Avifauna workshop was set up at the Arsène Bouiller College in Angoma which allowed young university students, under the guidance of their teacher Judith Priam, to capture in a practical and scientific way the ornithological world in which they had empirical knowledge.

Drawing by naturalists done by Marcus, member of Avifauna Workshop

© Judith Priam

This workshop, supported by the Saint Laurent City Council, continues the monitoring work and continues to participate in the competitions. Fête de la Science is a great opportunity to discover her work and make residents more aware of the challenges of climate change on the ecology of birds. This is how 3 dates are offered:

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On November 12, an exhibition/discussion titled “About Avifauna in Guyana and its Neotropical Biogeographical Region faced the challenges of climate change.”

– On November 19, a regional competition for drawings of naturalists at Avifauna, French Guiana

– On November 26, Bird Cries and Songs Competition “The ecological significance of bird crying and song in facing the challenges of climate change”.