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Fendi Future Priestesses

Fendi Future Priestesses

The Roman House on Thursday concluded this couture week with a successful parade inspired by the spirituality of the Eternal City and the mythology of science fiction.

So Kim Jones is one of the millions of spectators who watched Dune In the cinema last year. Denis Villeneuve’s blockbuster production approaching $400 million at the box office has brought back the magic of post-Covid darkrooms… and Fendi’s haute couture design.

Lately I’ve seen and read a lot of science fiction storieshe confides in the artistic director of the Roman house, on the eve of the parade at Brøngniart Palace. After watching the movie, I immersed myself in the work of Frank Herbert. I also checked Jodorowsky’s Dune (2013), The Frank Pavic Documentary and the Saga star Wars The one I loved since childhood. I’ve always been fascinated by the number of historical references in science fiction.»

More than just a dystopian future, the group speaks, as is often the case in Fendi, about a city of origins: Rome and its ancient past, its marble statues, and its ecclesiastical aesthetics. “When you walk the streets of Rome, you are constantly moving through time, resume…

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