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Federal elections: UdeM experts are ready to highlight the debate

Federal elections: UdeM experts are ready to highlight the debate

Urban planning and planning

Daniel DageniDirector of the School of Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture

  • weather changes
  • environment and sustainable development
  • urban water management

To contact her: danielle.dagenais (at)

Shin KosekiUNESCO Chair in Urban Landscapes

  • weather changes
  • Public consultations and discussions
  • Urban design and urban architecture
  • Urban justice and sustainability issues
  • Developing an interactive democracy at the service of citizens

To contact him: shin.koseki (at)

Social Service

Celine PilotProfessor at the College of Social Work

  • roaming
  • Youth
  • the original people
  • marginalized population
  • Indigenous women
  • Social activity
  • social dropout

To contact her: celine.bellot (at)

political science

Ruth DasonvilleProfessor in the Department of Political Science

  • political behavior
  • Public opinion
  • Political participation
  • political parties
  • women and politics
  • populism

To access it: ruth.dassonneville (at)

Pascal DevittProfessor in the Department of Political Science

  • political philosophy
  • Feminist theories
  • social philosophy

To contact her: pascale.devette (at)

Martin BabylonProfessor in the Department of Political Science

  • Indigenous peoples, rights and claims, political participation
  • Consulting and Natural Resources
  • Debates on immigration, secularism and multiculturalism in Quebec
  • Federalism in Canada and elsewhere

To contact him: martin.papillon (at)

Simon ThibaultProfessor in the Department of Political Science

  • Press and media
  • political communication
  • Media, conflict and post-conflict reconstruction
  • Online advertising, misinformation and manipulation

To contact him: s.thibault (at)


Sebastian RioHolds a Canadian Research Chair in the Political Economy of Food and Welfare

  • Food geography (food security)
  • work geography
  • Economic geography
  • health geography
  • political economy
  • Feminist theories
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To contact him: s.rioux (at)

Economic sciences

Michelle BoitvinProfessor, Department of Economics

  • economic policies
  • Resource allocation
  • development policies
  • Economic Forecasts
  • environment

To contact him: michel.poitevin (at)