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Fécafoot: The proposed Senior Vice President position on Eto'o?

Fécafoot: The proposed Senior Vice President position on Eto’o?

According to frivolous affidavits, the outgoing president of Fécafoot, Seydou Mbombo Ngoya, had proposed to his first rival, Samuel Eto’o, the position of first vice president in the office he wants to be elected on December 11.

Kinshasa meeting (Democratic Republic of the Congo) And so I gave birth to a mouse. Organized with the assistance of the secretaries-general of Adequate And from here FIFA In order to reconcile Seydou Mbombo Ngoya and Samuel Eto’o, the two declared candidates for the presidency of the Cameroon Football Federation (Fekavout), the meeting did not achieve the expected goals. The first, the outgoing president of the Cameroonian body, was to propose during these meetings the position of first vice-president over the second. And according to some indiscreet, the former indomitable black assailant simply started to make contact.

The former Barcelona and Inter Milan striker also left some tracks last Wednesday, after submitting his application to the headquarters of the Vicavut club in Yaounde. “ Like I said in Kinshasa, when you fail, don’t ask the teacher to cheat on the grades. It is important to repeat when we fail ; It means we weren’t good. So there is no discussion and no suggestion of a first vice president. I will be the next president of the union despite all the cheating… Samuel Ito said.

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