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Fécafoot: Samuel Eto'o wants to throw a wide net

Fécafoot: Samuel Eto’o wants to throw a wide net

The new head of the Cameroon Football Federation will be aware of the fact that Fecafoot’s coffers are practically empty. During his election campaign, he had promised an influx of money for his election. Perhaps this was the reason why he wanted to go up to the front of the stage to meet one of the national team sponsors, Les Brasseries du Cameroun.

Group CEO caster, Emmanuel de Tille, posted on social media that he met the record holder in multiple African football at the group’s headquarters in Douala.

The aim of this meeting was to strengthen the partnership between the group caster The Cameroon Football Association.

« I am glad to be back where it all began, having had the opportunity to go from Samuel to Samuel Eto’o On these terms, SamuelEtoo gave his speeches today at the #GroupeSABC headquarters during his visit. The new president of Fecafoot Club, a former resident of the Braseries Cameroon football school, recalled his former beginnings on 1Re Football school in Cameroon.

Mr Eto’o told him of his interest in seeing this partnership also affect the elite and amateur tournaments in Cameroon. Obviously, for this first contact meeting, we should not expect it to result in brevity.

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The seed was planted. Nothing is lost by waiting.