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Feather.  Will the Kazaux Church become a cultural space?

Feather. Will the Kazaux Church become a cultural space?

The Ninth Meeting of the Friends of Cassaux gathered around fifteen people around President François Olive, the Mayor and her lieutenants.

– “Cazaux en quelques dates” récapitulait les actions menées par l’association dont le réveil s’était concrétisé en 2011 : des chantiers citoyens avec notamment les Jeunes de Concordia pour travaux de consolidation, des concerts pours, expositioners, vide funds.

Searching for a new lease of life

The 2019-2020 season, a victim of the pandemic, could not see any project succeed. Unification work can no longer be assigned to citizen sites because of its danger.

Discussions focused on the following points of view:

Restore Casaux to make it:

Temporary display space?

– A reception area for families during the burial?

Party space?

Voters chose the cultural space.

After testimonies of the works carried out in Moncaut and Sainte-Colombe, the members of the Assembly approved the following resolutions:

Saint-Pierre de Cazaux registration with the Association of Cluniac Sites;

– Update of the 2014 study by Thouin Company and determining the type of cover.

– Start urgently the restoration work of the western facade and ferries.

Throw away the edge of the cap.

Satisfied with our ability to launch new heights for this site with a long history (see Jean-Luc Moreno “Revue de l’Agenais”) the President, which has been renovated, and invited him to share refreshments on the terrace in front of the… Saint- Church.

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