#FDS2021 Science Festival at Brocéliande Biological Station, October 1, 2021, Paimpont.

# FDS2021 Science Festival in Brocéliande
From Friday 1 October to Sunday 10 October at Biological Station
On the territory of the Brocéliande, the Fête de la Science will take place in the form of a wide geographical network driven by different actors and with the presence of a traveling team. In this sixth edition, many professionals and amateurs of scientific and technical culture (universities, research laboratories, associations, media libraries, etc.) come together by offering activities in the various municipalities of Brocéliande. Wherever you are, you won’t be able to escape from it!
Free / upon reservation
With over 20 partners, the Science Festival is mobilized to raise public awareness of science and technology.

Biological station 35380 Paimpont Paimpont Ille-et-Vilaine

Start and end dates and times (year – month – day – hour):
2021-10-01 T08:30:00 2021-10-01 T18:00:00; 2021-10-02 T08:30:00 2021-10-02T18:00:00; 2021-10-03 T08:30:00 2021-10-03 T18:00:00; 2021-10-04 T08:30:00 2021-10-04T18:00:00; 2021-10-05 T08:30:00 2021-10-05 T18:00:00; 2021-10-06T08:30:00 2021-10-06T18:00:00; 2021-10-07T08:30:00 2021-10-07T18:00:00; 2021-10-08T08:30:00 2021-10-08T18:00:00; 2021-10-09 T08:30:00 2021-10-09T18:00:00; 2021-10-10 T08:30:00 2021-10-10T18:00:00