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FCCQ to obtain a vaccine passport to reopen business and travel

FCCQ to obtain a vaccine passport to reopen business and travel

Quebec should quickly put in place a vaccine passport to allow stores to reopen and major events to take place, as demanded by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce of Quebec (FCCQ) on Tuesday.

“Our festivals and other major events are part of the face of Quebec, especially during the summer.” Charles Milliard, President and CEO of FCCQ emphasized, “We must do everything to allow them to stand together and support the organizers.”

As vaccines are effective, this guide can be given and used after receiving the first dose.

The FCCQ believes the Israeli model could be an inspiration to the Minister of Health and Social Services, Christian Dube, who is considering proof using a QR code.

This application, known as a “green card”, allows people who have been vaccinated to enjoy social activities that have been limited since the start of the epidemic, such as dinner with friends in restaurants.

“We have the technology here to put in a tool that is used and proven to work elsewhere.” Charles Milliard added, in addition to speeding up the reopening of some businesses, particularly restaurant dining rooms, proof of the vaccine could also facilitate the return of workers to our city centers, which Still largely neglected.

As the federal government considers the possibility of creating a vaccine passport for overseas travel, the FCC insists the importance of ensuring that the Quebec vaccine passport matches the Ottawa passport.

“We all want to resume our activities as quickly as possible, including the possibility of travel […]. Keeping our borders closed harms our trade and our economy. Therefore, the advantages of the permissibility of vaccination, in our opinion, are much greater than the disadvantages, “said Charles Milliard.

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On February 25, Health Minister Christian Dube said he had mandated public health and IT teams to create a “digital passport for vaccination” for “short term” proving that its holder has been duly vaccinated against COVID-19.