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‘Fate/Grand Order’ finally releases tomorrow in UK, France, Sweden and more

Rule/High Command (free), a social RPG/visual novel hybrid that has been a hit in various parts of the world for the past few years. After its debut in the US and Canada some time ago, its English version Rule/High Command Finally hitting Europe and starting tomorrow. This version is currently available in the US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines and Vietnam. Starting tomorrow, it will arrive in more countries, making it easier for existing players to update and for new players to try out one of Japan’s most successful mobile games. We got a lot of news Spelling error A weekend series featuring content suitable for fighting game fans on consoles and PC.

Complete list of newly listed countries Official announcement Below are:

  • United Kingdom (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)
  • Federal Republic of Germany
  • French Republic
  • Italian Republic
  • Spain
  • United Mexican States
  • Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • Federal Republic of Brazil
  • Republic of Finland
  • Kingdom of Sweden
  • Republic of Chile
  • New Zealand
  • Republic of Poland
  • Swiss Confederation
  • Commonwealth of Australia
  • Ireland
  • Kingdom of Belgium
  • Kingdom of Norway
  • Kingdom of Denmark
  • Portuguese Republic

From tomorrow in these countries, you will be able to enter Rule/High Command Free on the App Store for iOS Here and on Google Play for Android Here. Visit the official website in English Here. do you play Rule/High Command Continue with English or Japanese version?