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Faouzi Lekjaa, president of the Moroccan Football Association, responds to his actions that almost derailed the 2021 African Cup of Nations track

Faouzi Lekjaa, president of the Moroccan Football Association, responds to his actions that almost derailed the 2021 African Cup of Nations track

To read the full interview,é-afrique/20220107-can-2022-il-ya-une-bonne-dizaine-d-équipes-qui-peuvent-conquérir-cette-coupe-dit- Fawzi Lakja’


Have some players affected by Covid ?

Today, the group, at this time, is calm and sound.

Do you trust Cameroon to organize this competition well? ?

I think that the Cameroonian authorities have made tremendous efforts. They have already put everything in place to make this happen can Real party. Now, the only danger that doesn’t depend on anyone is Covid. This is something external.

Yes, but last month she did not support the idea of ​​postponing can Several weeks or even several months ?

In November, we were in Egypt to attend the General Assembly of Adequate [Confédération africaine de football] Everyone agreed to start can January 9, as scheduled. Then, after the development of Covid-19 and the emergence of the new Omicron variant, we discussed, of course. Nobody, I say nobody, talked about procrastination. It was the other way around. For myself, I have seen the developments of the infrastructures, the stadiums, it is something extraordinary. Besides, the Moroccan national team was one of the first teams to be there. We have been in Cameroon since January 2nd and everything is going in the best conditions today, I’m talking to you.

It is even said that your team arrived with a large amount of materials, food, water, brushes and even with chefs…

Every nation has its own food tasting habits. So there are always two or three chefs accompanying the national team. And obviously there is medical equipment, as our staff are obligated to do daily checks, to test everyone and manage the situation.

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It is said that in the hotel you are in, it is the Moroccan staff who have replaced the Cameroonian staff…

I will tell you one thing. If you want to respect health devices today, you have to put people in a bubble.” Denial » [où les gens sont tous négatifs au Covid]Because today, once there is movement of exits, entrances, etc., the risk becomes high. We’re in a bubble, it’s very simple. I think all teams will do the same.

Does the Confederation of African Football (Adequate) has been doing better for a year, since Patrice Motsebe became its president ?

Much better. In terms of the image already, there was a lot of work, a lot of restructuring that was done.

Were former presidents Issa Hayatou and Ahmed Ahmed bad managers? ?

Mr. Hayatou did what he could do. Mr. Ahmed did what he could do. Each has its own style.

I regret that Messrs. Hayatou and Ahmed were not invited to the official stand for the opening match on Sunday ?

The truth is, I’m not aware of the guest list. Inviting former presidents Adequate It is imperative, it is an acknowledgment of a bit of history that will be used to build the future.

The World Cup every four years. Does it now have to be every two years ?

I am totally convinced. This will provide the opportunity for the globalization of football, to allow more nations and nations to participate in the World Cup.

But all of a sudden, shouldn’t we give up an African Nations Championship every two years? ?

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The biennial World Cup has nothing to do with the organization of the African Cup every two years, because in any case, the biennial World Cup is continental tournaments, and the African Cup in particular, which will allow, which will be the gateway to qualifying for the World Cup.

Oh alright. There will be no more than one side can On the other hand, the World Cup qualifiers…

No no.

Of the two current competitions, we will only make one ?

This means that the qualifiers will be arranged for the teams that will play in the African Cup. And let’s say Africa has 10 places, it will be the top ten of the Africa Cup that will go to the World Cup.

We can imagine for example that the first 10 of can From this year in Cameroon they go to Qatar at the end of this year…

This is an example if we are in the logic of the World Cup every two years.