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Fans gather with a fan in downtown Montreal

Fans gather with a fan in downtown Montreal

There were plenty of fans in downtown Montreal, hours before the fourth game between the Canadians and Lightning began.

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TVA Nouvelles has met people from as far away as Saskatchewan and British Columbia to experience the madness of the Stanley Cup Final.

Two men from the Maritimes said they only traveled to watch Monday’s game. The latter, like many supporters, is still hoping to see the tricolor win tonight.

“For me, scanning isn’t possible. The passion is there. For me, they’re definitely going to win,” said one fan who made the trip from PEI earlier today.

Meanwhile, a Sorrell couple told TVA Nouvelles they paid $2,000 for their entry tickets to the Bell Center.

They believe as strong as iron that CH will succeed in the fourth match against Lightning.

Also on the Quebec side, many fans watched the game on the giant screens of the Videotron Center.

3,500 places of recipients were found, and as in Montreal, the passion was the date of the encounter.

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