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Falling into the Tour de France: The spectator holding the sign stops

Falling into the Tour de France: The spectator holding the sign stops

On Wednesday, we learned from a source close to the investigation that the spectator carrying the banner, originally, had too many cyclists to fall at the Tour de France on Saturday, many of whom were injured, and placed in police custody.

β€œThe woman has been officially identified. She has been in police custody for a few minutes, and the hearing is just beginning,” this source told AFP, who identified her as having French citizenship.

For his part, Camille Miansoni, the public prosecutor in Brest (northwest), confirmed to AFP that “a suspect is under arrest,” explaining that she is a woman. “We will know more by tomorrow morning,” he added.

On Tuesday, he told the press that the investigation was going “well.” He stressed that “things are going well and we hope to be able to clarify this event within a reasonable time,” noting that “many testimonies” were collected after the start of calling witnesses. “Obviously, you have to check them, you have to check them,” he added, saying he was “confident.”

On Saturday, during the first stage of the Tour, a spectator who was waving a road trespassing signal, in the direction of the television cameras, and turning her back to the direction of the race, was hit by a peloton, causing a fall. Many runners are within 45 km of the finish.

An investigation has been opened into “involuntary injuries of a period not exceeding three months as a result of a clear intentional breach of the obligation of safety or precaution”.

Tour de France riders expressed their displeasure with the multiplication of falls on Tuesday, by dismounting without their bikes descending, for one minute, 500 meters after the start of the fourth stage between Redon and Fougeres.

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