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Faced with labor shortages, employers distribute bonuses

Faced with labor shortages, employers distribute bonuses

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The UK is facing a severe labor shortage. In supermarkets, hotels or health services, vacancies explode. Some even offer bonuses, enough to attract new employees.

All means are good to bring workers back to the United Kingdom. For several weeks the country has been facing an epidemic of epidemics. The ” Pingtemic », Ping Covit-19 refers to notifications received in anti-surveillance applications.

With explosion Contrasting delta, Thousands of contact cases are forced to isolate themselves and cannot work. Brexit is an event that comes on top of the existing labor shortage.

« Welcome bonus »

So employers’ invention: Home Health Expert HC One offers no less than 10,000 ” Welcome bonus For those who want to take two night nursing positions in Scotland.

This is the same strategy with the Priory Group 5,000 5,000 for a mental health nurse position. And some supermarkets offer up to 1,000 premium for heavy truck drivers.

The Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of England is expected to take into account the shortage of business workers at its meeting on Thursday.

In total, more than 1.1 million jobs are said to be vacant across the channel.

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