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Faced with controversy, Disneyland parks are relocating some places

Faced with controversy, Disneyland parks are relocating some places

Disney parks in California and Florida have reopened. The company took the opportunity to change the animations Who can report racist or sexual references But wanting to do better, some customers feel Disney is going a little too far. There are changes that have not been discussed, for example since 2018, we no longer see gravity Caribbean island pirates, Women auctioned scene.

That doesn’t mean we have to clear it from the shelves of history, but in a children’s show it’s not the best and not the movement Me too There was an influence. Another movement, that Black Lives Matter, Made an impact Splash Mountain, The famous attraction of the park from a movie: Southern melody. The film has been charged since 1946 To spread racist clicks And to present the slave gardens in a light. Disney wants to re-imagine the attraction around the film Princess and the Frog, Which features a black princess.

Another example is gravity The Jungle Cruise There will also be stereotypes about indigenous peoples to be forgotten. Improvements that go even to the type and appearance of Disney employees. We now leave more choice in their attire, their hairstyle. Their nails and tattoos can be seen, Small revolutions. Aside from the fact that these revolutions do not appeal to everyone, some regulators at Disney Parks believe it goes a long way.

“This is an atmospheric killer”

There are some setbacks. For example, petitions have been received to revoke the previous version Splash Mountain Last month, a column was published Orlando Sentinel Went viral. The teacher complained There were many changes And that it was ruining his Disney experience. He writes: “The next time I participate in The Jungle Cruise, I will think about Disney’s political agenda. These are all atmospheric killers “.

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When it comes to banning the teaching of historical realities for fear of hurting or hurting, the argument is that there is slippage. Themes are picked up in abundance by such conservative media Newsmax Or Fox News, Shouting “Cancel culture”, I.e. neglect or destruction of culture.

Other changes to come?

The controversy is not over, because there are still a lot of Disney characters in the parks, and there are shortcuts that Internet users can publish a list of other characters or animations that could cause problems: Peter Bonn And representations of indigenous peoples, racist references Tampoe… expect criticism, Disney has formed a special team Ensure that changes are made correctly.

After all, there are still controversies, the most recent being Animation Le Manage d Snow White. As the California park reopened, two journalists wrote an article about the final scene of Prince Charming kissing Snow White. This is a concern because it raises the question of consent. So Disney is on the lookout. In addition to the moral and social aspects, multinational corporations need to ensure a large audience, a global audience, so as not to hurt anyone.

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