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Facebook Gaming donates 100% of subscription revenue to live stream creators

Facebook Gaming donates 100% of subscription revenue to live stream creators

Twitch in his sight.

Image Credit: Facebook

That’s for sure Twitter what or what josh, of Facebook Gaming, Facebook announced that Facebook will now donate 100% of the proceeds from subscriptions to streaming devices through 2023. This applies to its partners, Level Up members, as well as all content creators. As a reminder, content creators can unlock subscriptions from 10,000 subscribers.

Facebook does not hide its ambitions to compete with Twitch, and even to impose itself. It must be said that Facebook is not going to seduce. While the company has so far donated 70% of subscriptions in exchange for 50% to Twitch, it recently announced that streaming players can stream copyrighted music while ensuring they’re not subject to prosecution or censorship.

Does Facebook, however, have a chance of winning over Amazon? Since its acquisition by the online sales giant, Twitch has become a product like any other, and Amazon has had to clean it up, requiring brand image. However, Twitch has been around for a long time and its success continues through its length of service. A giant like Microsoft that also owns Xbox has broken its teeth with Mixer in its desire to compete with Twitch. Facebook can afford it too, but instead of paying for big stars, the company is targeting all broadcasters with subscribers.

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