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Facebook brings back one of the main Messenger functions in its app

Facebook brings back one of the main Messenger functions in its app

Seven years after they were removed from Facebook in favor of Messenger, it looks like voice and video calls will make a comeback on the Facebook app for iOS and Android. Currently, in testing, this “newness” has already been seen by users in the United States and a few other countries.

The Facebook app is about to restore some features that were previously removed in favor of Messenger

The Facebook app is about to find some features that were previously removed in favor of Messenger // Source: Frandroid

« Reduce the need to switch between apps »This is the goal Facebook social networking siteAnd to do that, the group has gradually started bringing some features of Messenger back into its own app. After re-issue a limited inbox of messenger On Facebook, tests also started adding audio and video calls which were removed from the platform in 2014. The idea then was to direct users to Messenger. Today, Facebook’s strategy is changing, leaning toward a more standardized experience from one app to another.

“We are testing audio and video calls as part of the Facebook app messages so that users can make and receive calls no matter what app they are using. Facebook confirmed after I called him Android Central. The group also said Bloomberg That this kind of ‘news’, from Messenger and its addition to the Facebook app, may become more popular in the coming months.

Facebook now sees Messenger as a service

If Messenger has already been used in recent years by Facebook as an app in its own right, and largely independent of the group’s other platforms, then that principle appears to be beginning to change. Messenger is gradually becoming a service that Facebook can use as it likes in its other applications.

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This change in approach has become more evident in recent months, for example Last September’s unification of private messages from Messenger and Instagram. A novelty that should also extend to WhatsApp. It should also be noted that video and voice calls based on Messenger technology are now used by both Instagram and Oculus. The same goes for the Facebook Portal devices you take advantage of as well.

The fact remains that this control of Facebook in our daily lives through the constellation of applications it provides is increasingly displeased by regulators. as mentioned Android Central, The Federal Trade Commission He recently attacked Facebook in antitrust. The US commission aims in particular to force Facebook to resell Instagram or WhatsApp to make it less prevalent on our smartphones.