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Face to face text |  Journalism

Face to face text | Journalism

Victor reaches out to his daughter’s friend, Andrian. They are childhood friends. Former neighbors. They are still part of the same gang, but it’s a shock that they haven’t met face to face to tell each other about their lives.

“Hello Andrian! Chos is so happy to see you!”

– Me too, Victor! How are you ? »

They come to hug. Meanwhile, Victor’s coat rings: Ding! One hit. bell. It’s his cell phone. Text alarm. He slows down and picks up his iPhone. It is a message from his friend Leon: “What are you doing?”

Victor answers:

“Not much. You?”

– Look STAT.

– What is happening ?

— Emmanuelle has just arrived, unannounced, at Eric’s house.

-Oh, my God!

-I really wonder what he wants. »

Andriane signals to Victor not to stay in the hallway: “Come on! Ben!” Victor tells him that it won’t be long, and continues to text Leon.

“Are you going to see Dope Lemon at Olympia on Wednesday?”

– I’m not sure, I have work due the next day.

– Oh, come on, brother! You just have to ask ChatGPT.

– What ? To go to the concert?

-No, you idiot! To do your job!

– I think about him. »

Victor puts his cell phone back in his pocket. Another pumpkin! Victor recovers the device. Text message from his girlfriend:

“Did you go to Andrian’s house?”

– Yes.

– What do you do ?

– Not much.

— Don’t forget to ask him if he wants to climb Mount Washington next Saturday.

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– Yes.

– Oh, don’t worry, I’ll ask him myself.

– Yes.

– Good night !

– You, too !

– Kisses kisses!

– Kisses! Kisses! »

Victor puts his cell phone back in his pocket: “That was my friend, and she says hi.” »

Ding! This time, this is Andrian’s motive. She goes to get it from the kitchen island. A text message appears from Charlotte, Victor’s blonde: “Are you with Victor? »

Andrian answers:

” Yes.

– What do you do ?

– Not much.

– I was wondering if you would like to climb Mount Washington with me on Saturday?

-Is your friend going too?

– Wait, I’ll ask him. »

Ding! It’s Victor’s cell phone. Text message from his girlfriend:

“Andrian wants to know if you will come with us to Mount Washington on Saturday.

-If I have nothing else, yes.

-You don’t have anything else. »

Ding! Andréanne’s Android rings again.

“Victor will come with us.

– Well, I’ll ask my friend if he wants to come too. »

While Andriane is texting her friend, Victor resumes his conversation with Leon:

“And how do you end? STAT ?

– Well, the patient who’s been waiting in the emergency room for two days…

– Yes ! What happened ?

– Well, wait again. Wait, you too, I have another message.


– she was my friend. She wanted to know if I would go up Mount Washington on Saturday with her and you and your friend.


-If I have nothing else, yes. »

Ding dong! This time, it’s the door that rings. Uber Eats is coming to deliver dinner. Andrian and Victor break it up. At the same time, Charlotte sends a text message to Andrian:

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” What do you do ?

– We will eat.

– What ?

– Lee falafel with a crispy tawook burger.

-And my friend?

– I do not remember.

– I will ask him. »

Victor’s phone rings. Describing his food to his girlfriend. During the meal, Andrian also texts her father, her sister, and her father’s new partner. Victor is his brother, boss and coach.

Suddenly, during a moment of calm, Victor looked at Andriane and said to her:

“What’s your question again?”

– How are you ?

-Yes! He’s going to be busy!

– Me too. »

Their text messages started ringing again.

In 2023, there are the people we see and the people we talk to. They are never the same. There are no more one-on-one meetings, only one-on-one meetings.

When the evening was over, Victor went to join his girlfriend. That’s when Andrian received a text message from him.

“Thank you Andrian for dinner!”

-It was nice seeing you!

– Tell me, do you still have plans to go and live in France?

-I would love to, but Leon isn’t sure if he’ll follow me.

-Are you going anyway? »

They started talking while Charlotte was texting Leon.