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F1: Australian GP boss wants to keep him in Melbourne

F1: Australian GP boss wants to keep him in Melbourne

MELBOURNE, Australia – Australian Grand Prix boss Andrew Westcott on Friday said he would like to continue racing in Melbourne, announcing a trip to Sydney after the contract expires in 2025.

“I’m confident we will keep it in Melbourne. We have a very good relationship with those who are very close (leaders) to Formula 1. Formula 1 wants to come to Melbourne,” he told AFP.

Commenting on Sydney’s interest in retrieving GB, he added: “I do not think this will go far, but I have no doubt that we are active here.

Since Melbourne won the Australian GB in 1996 (to the detriment of Adelaide), the Albert Park Circuit has been the first stop for the World Championships, but the competition has been suspended for the past two years due to an epidemic.

According to the channel Channel sevenAs in Monaco or Singapore, “discussions above” are underway to study the possibility of organizing a GP in Sydney on city streets.

There is no approved F1 circuit in the capital of New South Wales.

The new head of state has said he wants to keep “polar” to attract major events.

The 2020 Australian GB was canceled at the last minute, when the drivers were already there, at the start of the world’s first wave of Kovit-19.

The 2021 edition was canceled due to more stringent health restrictions in the Australian state of Victoria where Melbourne is located.

The next scheduled GB is set to take place on April 10 in the southern metropolis, and is the third race of the 2022 championship after Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

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“In April, there will be three years between the two species, and (the state of Victoria) will have to live up to its contract,” Andrew Westcott said. We are committed to doing that. “

This is not the first time a Grand Prix has been mentioned in Sydney. In 2015, the leaders mentioned a race on the city streets that would cross the famous harbor bridge.