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F1 23 reveals itself a little more

F1 23 reveals itself a little more

On social networks, EA Sports F1 has renamed itself Konnersport Racing Team. On their Twitter account banner it can read: “Butler Global”. There is no doubt that it is a reference to Devon Butler.

EA has been pulling out all the stops to cheer on the arrival of F1 23. To keep fans waiting for the first concrete information about the game, which will arrive in early May, the development studio staged a fake demo. Introduced by Naomi Schiff, a former driver, and Dork Chocolate, a streamer on Twitch, the two were key to revealing Konnersport’s first single seater. Does this name mean anything to you? It is simply because it is a fictional team created by Codemasters. This imaginary team can have two functions according to our hypotheses. The first is to create increased rivalry in My Stable mode and/or add an XI team in Story mode so that game developers can have complete freedom when writing the script.

This short 8-minute video confirmed the return of Devon Butler. Player number deduction in F1 2019, if the player decides to start his career in F2, but also in F1 2021 in Breaking Point mode. EA’s use of the hashtag #BeTheLastToBreak on social networks suggests that a continuation of this story could be found in the next F1 game, otherwise what’s the point of bringing back Butler but especially Aiden Jackson? If the latter’s existence was not confirmed, his test number was present in the teaser that would confirm his existence.

Another interesting element of this trailer was the presence of the recorded voices of real F1 drivers such as Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc. In the trailer, the two rejoice at the arrival of Team XI on the grid. Knowing that the 3D models have been remastered for F1 23, many had hoped that they would finally be able to hear their favorite drivers in the game. That seems to be the case now.

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EA meets on May 1 for more information on F1 23.

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