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F1 22 upgrade to version 1.06 with many changes

F1 22 upgrade to version 1.06 with many changes

While that F1 22 Released at the end of June, Codemasters teams continue to work on their game as always. And change the feelings of the players somewhat.

Performance tweaks and bug fixes

While the 2022 single-seater seats are brand new, the budget just wasn’t right. With this patch, Each individual seat’s performance was re-evaluated to regain the pace. However, this has an important consequence: all lap times recorded in the time trial mode have been removed. Several issues have also been fixed including:

  • Protecting the walls in Baku will not continue to dance on the track;
  • It is no longer possible to bypass the safety car;
  • The sound mix will highlight the friction of the flat bottom on the bitumen.

Modify the behavior of the individual seat

In regards to steering, the mods made by Codemasters are important if you’re the kind of person looking for the last tenths of a second. In fact, the engine torque management, that is, the power delivered by the power unit at medium speed, has been modified. The torque will therefore be more tailored to the engine speed, as it was previously constant between 6000 and 10,000 revolutions. Gear changes have also been reworked to improve performance.

The effect of tire temperature will change dramatically. According to the developers, high temperatures did not sufficiently affect the behavior of the rubber, as did high tire pressures. So this has been fixed, which could cause major overheating issues in extended periods depending on the settings and rides.

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Another big change, the reaction force on the steering wheels. This will be greatly affected by the automatic tire torque. A highly educated term that means several things:

  • The force feedback will be more powerful when returning to the central position;
  • Oversteer and oversteer will be felt naturally, with more power and faster.

These modifications will have a significant impact on the driving sensations of many virtual pilots. It remains to be seen what this will do on the track over the championship’s many tracks. F1 22 It was released on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and Playstation consoles. You can find it in the Microsoft Store:

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