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F1 22: Modified tracks, detailed transitions in videos in Spain, Australia and Abu Dhabi

F1 22: Modified tracks, detailed transitions in videos in Spain, Australia and Abu Dhabi

The world Formula One Is constantly evolving, this year pilots need to find very different single seats, This will be obvious F1 22. But on the side of the rounds, there is change and Codemasters Announces some changes in several tracks in its future racing game.

To better reflect reality, So the developers modified the circuits of Spain, Australia and Abu Dhabi, Which should increase the chances of overtaking competitors during races. The changes are detailed here:

Spain :

Turn 10 looks at the new layout fit that was actually introduced in the postponed 2021 race. Off-road areas have been updated in 10-14 turns, as well as several sausage curbs around the circuit.

Australia :

The Albert Park circuit was redesigned with more detailed height and camber, using LIDAR data. The walls of the exterior have been remodeled and the barriers replaced with newer photometric versions. Several modifications to the circuit have been made with the new layout of turns 1, 3, 6, 8/9 (changing the cigar), 11, 12 and 13.

Abu Dhabi :

The Yas Marina Turn 5, which overtook Verstappen Hamilton to finish first at the 2021 Formula One World Championships, was replaced by Harbin’s austerity. Harbin moved forward, and added flow. The chicken in the 9th turn and the 90 degree turns are now the same camber instead of the 11-14 turns. Finally, 13-15 turns are circled around the hotel to allow cars to follow very closely.

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All of this should not upset virtual pilots, but it at least shows it Codemasters Wants to deliver the most loyal game possible. The release date of F1 22 is set as July 1, 2022 as a reminder PC, PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One, with a Champions Edition Provides digital extra cosmetic content and up to three days advance notice. You can pre-order this version At 79.99 Amazon.

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