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Exposition as a subject of study – Thoth Corsus

Exhibitions are opening, diversifying, becoming more comprehensive, museums leaving, becoming virtual, required to be responsible for the environment, and so on. From this movement was born the need to reflect on museum practices and curation.

Mary Fraser is pregnant Research chair in organizational studies and practices UQAM defines its goal:

“In collaboration with art organisations, university galleries and museums, we wish to carry out research projects on the history, theories and practice of exhibitions, to broaden the current field of curatorial studies to include in particular the performing arts, to develop experiments and participation in curatorial initiatives, and to explore alternative approaches and methods”

The official statement is to “promote curatorial knowledge and practice in order to rethink and understand art presentation paradigms from a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspective.”

Numerous projects, research and projects are underway and concretely prove that trans-disciplinarity is real and necessary.

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