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Excessive confinement in elderly housing?

Excessive confinement in elderly housing?

Despite a third dose of the vaccine and nearly two years of continuous effort, many residents of living environments have to go through new confinement. According to some stakeholders, it’s time to be more flexible and strike a better balance between safety and residents’ morale.

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At Résidence Le Verger in Saint-Jérôme, it’s a long time for the 196 seniors who live there. For Madame Dupuy, 87, her living environment has practically become a prison.

“There are only bars missing in the door (…) locked in a similarly small room, it is not a gift,” she said, from her window, to our reporters.

“We can’t walk, we can’t do anything. We are on the brink of a revolution. Good, let them confine those with COVID. The others, let them go a little,” Ms. Dupuis added.

One of the venue employees, who captured him at TVA Nouvelles, said he was concerned about their mental health.

“I tell you, walking around a small apartment 24 hours a day, I’m not sure this is good for your health. We try to talk to them through the doors and encourage them, but they lose their bearings,” he explained.

On the part of COGIR, which administers this housing for the elderly, it was explained that the health authorities had issued a determination that an outbreak occurred and that from that moment on, the management had no choice. Follow the letter’s instructions and protocol.

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In addition, the Patient Protection Council (CPM) condemns confinement imposed in several RPAs in Quebec.

“If there isn’t a major outbreak, we should be able to isolate the people we have to treat for COVID and also allow a minimum of continued life for other residents,” said CPM President Paul J.

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