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Evgeny Dadonov in the second line

Evgeny Dadonov in the second line

With everything going on around the Canadian, we had the right to expect a training where several aspects of the corner-of-eye will be watched for tomorrow’s match.

What do I remember?

1. Rem Petlake was not present in practice, He will be subject to exemptions over the next few hours. It was he, in the end, who was fined for the excess of the attackers.

Are you surprised or not I’m a little surprised, but I understand the logic behind this idea.

2. Christian Dvorak was absent from training. He was treated for a day, but we can still expect him to play in tomorrow’s game.

why? Because Josh Anderson took his place in training.

In fact, despite being suspended for two games, Anderson is allowed to train, but not play. So he took Dvorak’s place in the middle of the third line.

Here, visually, how it looked. Unsurprisingly, the first line is sound.

(credit: The Canadians)

3. Evgeny Dadonov was present at the training. He alternated in the second row with Michael Pezzetta, which leads us to believe he’s the one who should be left out on Tuesday.

After all, he’s not a second-line player, Pezz.

Basically, we can probably take the lineup above, remove Pezzetta and replace Anderson with Dvorak for a taste of what to expect for tomorrow’s game.

We’ll know more on Tuesday.

4. Defensively, there is not much to note. But we see that the seventh defender was Chris Weidmann, not Jonathan Kovacevich. Will this be the case tomorrow?

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We’ll see.

5. Jake Allen is pitted against Samuel Montembeault at the CH table, but does that mean he will play tomorrow? This is a good question actually.

We know that CH plays on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. He will need a guardian.

At the moment, Montembolt is playing better, but Allen is a veteran. Tomorrow’s game will be on the road, but Wednesday’s game will be at home. The wings (tomorrow) are on fire and the Canucks (Wednesday) are fine for a few games.

*Update: Jake Allen will be tomorrow.


Mike Matheson skated in front of the others this morning and seems to be getting better and better. For Canadians, this is good news to give young people a break.

We recall that May be back sooner than expected.