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Everything points to Eric Tulsky becoming (officially) the CEO of the Hurricanes

Everything points to Eric Tulsky becoming (officially) the CEO of the Hurricanes

With the departure of Don Waddell (Columbus), the Hurricanes had to find a new general manager.

Eric Tulsky was named general manager (interim) of the club after Waddell left, but we didn't necessarily know the organization's intentions moving forward.

Now there is more clarity at this level.

And according to Frank Seravalli on X/Twitter, the Hurricanes have finally decided to continue in the same direction with Tulsky.

It has not been officially announced yet, but everything indicates that it could happen soon.

Indeed, there is one less problem in Carolina.

I'm talking about problems because the administration has two relatively complex files to manage at the moment.

There is the story of Jake Guentzel and Martin Necas.

Now, one has to wonder if the news about Tulsky will move things forward in the case of the attackers.

I can't imagine seeing an interim GM make a decision to trade Necas or (the rights to) Guentzel because those two situations are important to the organization, but knowing that Tulsky has the full trust of management, it could have an impact on his future.

It will be interesting in Carolina because Tulsky has never been a general manager for the club in the past.

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Let's also remember that the Hurricanes owner likes to play GM too… and that might prevent Kent Hughes from getting his hands on Martin Necas due to the hostile offer made to Jesperi Kotkaniemi in the summer of 2021. #bad relationship

However, he noted that Eric Tulsky has been Don Waddell's assistant since the 20-21 season and that he has seen him work hard to gain some experience.

The roadmap for the key person in question is interesting, to say the least:

(Credit: Elite Horizons)

Things could change very quickly for Eric Tulsky, and here we will see if he has the ability to be a good general manager in the National League.

In fact, if he is able to maximize the value of Necas and Guentzel, it's safe to say he will have made a successful comeback.

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