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Every star sign has a lucky color and here it is for you

Every star sign has a lucky color and here it is for you

more Assumptions, From features, From Cities we would like to live ineven Body parts Which our astrological sign is associated with, we also have a favorite color!

Dubbed “lucky charm”, this color has the ability to highlight your greatest strengths. You may already be drawn to this color, whether in your clothes, décor, accessories, or even makeup.

Without further ado, this is the color of your luck according to astrology:

Aries – red

The color of fire and excitement is associated with this brave and energetic sign.

Taurus – pale blue and violet

These soft shapes represent the attractiveness of Taurus people, but they also represent their development.

Gemini – yellow

Glossy and lustrous, this color represents a novelty, something Geminis are constantly looking for.

Cancer – green and silver foam

We associate this sign with the shimmering colors we see in the ocean and when we look at the moon.

Lion – golden and orange

If Cancer is associated with the Moon, then Leo will be represented by the strong and magnetic colors of the Sun.

Virgo – dark blue and gray

These are classic colors that will look good on Virgo, as they are synonymous with taste and sophistication.

Libra – blue and lavender

These two colors are romantic, harmonious, and classy, ​​just like people born under the sign of Libra!

Scorpio – shades of red

Whether it is brown, crimson or burgundy, shades of red represent the passion of Scorpio.

Sagittarius – Purple

This color is associated with royalty, so it looks great on people of this quirky, artistic sign.

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Capricorn – green and brown forest

These are two classic and warm colors found in nature, so they are perfect for the Earth sign of Capricorn.

Aquarius – Sky Blue

This shade of blue is electric, like sky, and goes nicely with the dreamy Aquarius.

Fish – celadon green and turquoise

This light green and painted towards blue are reminiscent of the ocean one associates with the water sign of Pisces.

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