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Even Microsoft is laughing at its Xbox Series X name

It must be said that the company has a gift for complicating the name of its consoles. Why not use Xbox 1, Xbox 2, Xbox 3, etc.?

If you are not always aware of Microsoft In the past few days you may have missed creating a new and somewhat funny meme. This was shared by Microsoft itself on Instagram, where the brand makes fun of its next-generation console and especially its sometimes unpronounceable name. So judge the quality of this joke for yourself.

Netizens clearly didn’t take long to go orgasm in front of this adorable meme full of self-irony. It is also one of the joke models that have been used before, the most famous of which are Nokia (phone) and Kia (car). In French, the valve works much less well, but in English the effect is guaranteed.

Since its release, the next-generation console, as well as Sony’s console PS5, is the subject of many derisions, in terms of first his name, then his size, and finally his style. So it’s not uncommon to see several comic hijackings, although this is the first time Microsoft has talked about this topic. However, netizens certainly expected everything except the possibility that the company to this point would exploit the humorous potential of its console.

This was already the case when Microsoft announced that it had created a file A refrigerator in his Xbox Series X photo. After several observations on the similarity of the two topics. This self-mockery is certainly practiced by Microsoft to take advantage of the humor of its Internet users and avoid ridicule by inflicting it on itself. So we can’t wait for Sony to start using the PlayStation 5!

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