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Euthanasia in Australia: New South Wales postpones

In Australia, a bill allowing “aid to die” in New South Wales has been under discussion for several days. Following action by the government and the opposition, it was referred to the Upper House Committee. ” For a trial “. New South Wales is the only state in Australia that does not allow euthanasia (cf. Australia: Queensland legalizes euthanasia; The euthanasia was approved by the South Australian Parliament)

The report of the Law and Justice Committee is not expected before next February, postponing the vote on the text for a year. The bill will then be tabled in the Upper House. In 2017, he unanimously rejected a similar bill.

Both Prime Minister Dominic Barrott and opposition leader Chris Minnes have publicly stated they will vote against the bill. ” We need more and more effective immunotherapy Said Dominic Barrott. ” We should not create a two-tier society, the worst kind, where we try to keep alive, and we say, “You are good to die.” »(Cf. Euthanasia: “This so-called right robs me of my dignity and sooner or later points the door at me”)

Sources: ABC, Ashley Rapper (19/10/2021); Mercadornet, Alex Schottenberg (19/10/2021)

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