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European Space Agency: Towards sending a wooden satellite into space -

European Space Agency: Towards sending a wooden satellite into space –

The European Space Agency (ESA) plans to send a wooden “Woodsat Wisa” satellite into space by the end of the year.

great first

L ‘European Space Agency Announcing a new launch Wooden Satellite in orbit around the Earth by the end of the year. It will be the first device made of this material, according to the newspaper 20 minutes. Finnish writer and founderspace navigation in the arcticAnd the Gary McKinninImagine this new type of spacecraft he’s usingwho – which She intends to see if wood will be stronger than metal in space.

nano satellite

To perform this test, specialists manufactured Woodsat and Wasa who will be CubeSat . Nanosatellite Only 10 cm square, built of birch plywood boards. Therefore, it will not be as large as conventional satellites. The materials used have been specially treated to best withstand the harsh environment conditions of the space.
The Wooden Satellite Definitely must take damage when placed in orbit. In fact, Woodsat’s team expects it to darken, but the key is to check if cracks are forming on the boards.

Several sensors developed by the European Space Agency

The newspaper specifies that the device will contain many of the sensors that it developedwho – which. They will make it possible to determine the local pressure in the cavities on the plane in the hours and days following entry into orbit.
In a press release, thewho – which He noted that this is an important factor in the operation of high-power systems and RF antennas, since small amounts of particles in the cavity can damage them.

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inexpensive metal

The Wooden Satellite You will have to resist the hostile environment ofThe space, but also for potential shocks from space debris. In addition, it allows significant savings, since wood is a less expensive material than metal. As a result, it will be possible to send more devices into space.
In addition, the wooden satellites It will reduce space debris because at the end of its life it can decompose more easily.