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EU countries and US have been excluded from the mandatory hotel segregation list

Passengers from the United States and EU member states have not yet been subjected to mandatory hotel isolation.

The Ministry of Health announced the extension of compulsory hotel isolation to 26 countries and states instead of the 43 mentioned earlier in the week.

There has been a major dispute within the government over the Ministry of Health’s plans for compulsory hotel isolation for 43 countries, including the United States, France and Germany.

Foreign Secretary Simon Cowney and Health Secretary Stephen Donnelly discussed the plan on Thursday afternoon, including concerns about the right of EU citizens to travel freely and the organization’s ability to handle such numbers. Attorney General Mr. Has written to Donnelly about his legal concerns.

It is understood Mr. Mr Cowney opposed extending the isolationist need for these countries. Sources said Mr Donnelly continues to support the use of hotel isolation in these or other countries of great concern.

In a statement on Thursday evening, the Department of Health said consultations on the remaining countries and states, including the European Union and the United States, would be “considered” before the next government meeting.

“The ongoing response will address a wide range of issues, including operational capacity required to accommodate additional passengers and issues related to common travel areas, and the need to consult with our EU allies.

Countries to be added to the list of high risk countries:

  • Republic of Albania;
  • Andorra’s primary;
  • அருபா;
  • Kingdom of Bahrain;
  • Bonaire, Saint-Eucharist and Sabah;
  • Central Democratic Republic of Ethiopia;
  • Israel’s position;
  • The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan;
  • Republic of Kosovo;
  • State of Kuwait;
  • Republic of Lebanon;
  • Republic of San Marino;
  • Republic of Moldova;
  • Primary of Monaco;
  • Montenegro;
  • Federal Republic of Nigeria;
  • Republic of Northern Macedonia;
  • Sultanate of Oman;
  • Palestinian Government;
  • Republic of the Philippines;
  • The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico;
  • State of Qatar;
  • St. Lucia;
  • Republic of Serbia;
  • Federal Republic of Somalia;
  • Part of the Wallis and Putuna Islands.
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Removed from Mauritius Republican list.

Travelers from these states must book accommodation in compulsory hotel isolation if they plan to arrive in Ireland after 4am on Tuesday 6 April.

On Thursday morning, Mr Cowney said the mandatory hotel isolation system should not be used for large numbers of Irish countries.