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Ethics or professional conduct: which word to choose?

Jean-Loup Chevlet analyzes the nuances of the French language, giving the exact meaning of each word.

I have always enjoyed taking on challenges. This word, which consists of explaining the difference between two nearly identical words, is especially risky. Let’s say, simply, thatEthics It is the science of ethics. You are supposed to determine what is right, what is wrong, what is acceptable, and what is not. It appeals to our judgment and our sense of responsibility.

Ethics and moral behavior

When the mother of a lazy high school student refuses to write a word of absence that excuses him from the white baccalaureate, she acts on her soul and conscience. By identifying his angry son: We don’t have the same values. » Because morality extends through morality. And when you make us make decisions, it will never be easy. A doctor who does not want to sign a medical certificate disappoints his patient, too bad. He often encounters more dramatic situations that call into question his beliefs, demands, and ethics: the condition of patients at the end of their lives raises a lot in him.

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