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Espace Montmorency: a groundbreaking residential experience

Espace Montmorency: a groundbreaking residential experience

For over 30 years, Groupe Sélection has been known for its ability to innovate and develop high quality residential real estate projects. Its ambitious project Espace Montmorency, developed in partnership with Montoni and Fonds immobilier de Solidarité FTQ, interests young urban professionals and families who want to move to a place of fun, wisely located and offering a variety of services. Find out now why you have everything to gain by choosing Espace Montmorency.

amazing project

A large-scale, multifunctional project, Espace Montmorency has an area of ​​1.3 million square feet. In the same space, offices (335,000 square feet of buildings on 16 floors), apartments (717 apartments for rent), restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, green terraces, indoor parking (1,500 seats on 3 levels), and a large courtyard with spacious green and more. The lively and lively atmosphere that prevails there is similar to that of an autonomous community or a lively city centre.

Living space in a prime location

Staying at Espace Montmorency means being close to a range of essential services and educational and leisure institutions such as Center Laval, Carrefour Laval, Centropolis and Place Bell – and nothing else, to name a few. Whether by metro thanks to the underground connection to Montmorency station, or by car, on foot, by bus or by train, residents are just minutes away from a myriad of places of interest. If you want to say goodbye to traffic jams and lead a rewarding professional, social and family life, this project in the heart of downtown Laval will have you covered.

eco-friendly architecture

With this project, Groupe Sélection is at the fore in the field of architecture and city planning. In addition to modern amenities, Espace Montmorency offers its residents several terraces, access to a community garden and an indoor courtyard with greenery equivalent to a football field. Featuring many technological innovations, each building is designed to provide exceptional illumination according to the path of the sun. The project is surrounded by a giant green space that is easily accessible, and it improves the travel between its different parts. For example, an impressive corridor connects the hotel to the office tower.

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In addition, Espace Montmorency was created with remarkable respect for the environment. In addition, its residential buildings aim to achieve LEED Gold certification for their excellence in terms of sustainable development (water saving, energy efficiency, etc.). The project has also been awarded LEED v4 QA Gold certification, which was obtained as a result of Responsible Neighborhood Development. With Espace Montmorency, quality goes hand in hand with sustainability.

3 projects that develop community spirit

The benefits of intergenerational diversity are increasingly being recognized for building a society in which all feel accepted and valued. Inspired by this philosophy, Espace Montmorency offers three environments to cater to hundreds of residents of different backgrounds and ages. On a daily basis, these will work side by side, particularly in common areas such as the multi-sport grounds, swimming pool and several outdoor terraces, as well as in shops. Here are the three environments on display:

1. Waltz: The quality of life is at its peak

With its high-end rental units, Waltz’s 208-unit concept appeals to dynamic people who want to enjoy life. True havens of comfort and luxury, they promise an experience worthy of the best hotels.

2. Hope: The meeting place of families

The 287 rental housing units in the Hoop concept combine everything you need to provide families and their pets with a lifestyle that meets their needs. Everything is designed to be able to fully live your family life.

3. Limpei: An Oasis for Students and Young Professionals

This 222-apartment project is designed so that active urban professionals and students live in a stimulating environment according to their tastes and dynamic lifestyle. Common spaces enhance meetings…and moments of fun!

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set of drawers

Choosing to rent a unit in Espace Montmorency means giving yourself peace of mind and an enviable quality of life. In fact, its apartments have a wide range of inclusions:

• A full range of home appliances.

• Electricity;

• Hot water.

• heater.

• air conditioner;

• communication services (cable distribution, private Wi-Fi, telephone) *;

• Sport club;

• Outdoor terraces.

• Heated outdoor swimming pool.

• Etc.

* Services offered may vary by brand.

Unique real estate environment in your photo

Whether you are studying or at the heart of your career or family, Espace Montmorency is an ecosystem that meets your highest requirements.

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